The Dirt Pot Grit

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The Dirt Pot Grit is a bed of medium to fine-grained, sandstone, 3-4 metres thick, that underlies the Simonstone Limestone in the upper limestones of the Grassington Moor - Conistone Moor - Kettlewell area at an altitude of some 430m (1400ft).

The Dirt Pot Grit is an impermeable layer so it does have an effect on drainage and on cave formation in the area. There are many springs on the upper pastures resurging on the Dirt Pot Grit, as at Rain Slack below.

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Left: a small quarry in the Dirt Pot Grit on Conistone Moor NRG 98656 71535 Alt. 433m, served as a source of walling stone, and possibly for building. March 23 2011.

Right: a closer view of the outcrop of Dirt Pot Grit shows how the top of the sandstone gradually merges into the overlying limestone. March 23 2011.

Left: the proximity of the Dirt Pot Grit can often be detected where it is built into the drystone walls as it would never have been carried very far when a wall was under construction. This section, near the quarry above, is composed of approximately 75% gritstone and 25% limestone. March 23 2011.

Right: the Dirt Pot Grit is well exposed at the head of Dowber Gill at 99257288 Alt 402m. May 10 2019.

Left: The Dirt Pot Grit brings out the prominent spring known as Rain Slack Well, on the fell 1km east of Kettlewell, at 9851 7226 Alt. 410m. December 3, 2013.

Right: A hollow in the stream bed of Caseker Gill at approx 993742 revealed the Dirt Pot Grit dipping at around 40 degrees to the west in June 1991. This corresponds to a similar dip in the same strata in the Roof Chambers near the end of Dow Cave.

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