Dowber Gill Passage: some images

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Some locations in Dowber Gill Passage:

Jack's Duck

Gypsum Traverse

Rock WIndow

Bridge Cavern

Stalagmite Corner

Dowber Gill Passage has a number of difficulties - ducks, tight squeezes, perilous traverses.............. For a guide to the route through Dowber Gill Passage see "Dowber Gill Guide" pages



The author at the entrance to Dowber Gill Passage from Dow Cave, c 1960.

All pictures are from the author's collection unless otherwise stated.



Ian Cummins and George attempt the free climb of the Buddist Temple (unsuccessfully).
November 10, 2007.

First scaled in 1955 with the aid of an assemblage of nailed together fence-rails and string by Randy Coe et al and then with a scaling pole and ladder. In the 1980s Peter Rose free-climbed this first section and took a ladder up to enable others to follow. Around that time a large ring bolt was fixed into the floor of the ledge. In 1986 Dennis Round and Patrick Warren took a 5m builder's ladder to it and made some survey measurements and notes. The highest point is 20m above stream level..

"...At the top is a high chamber, with walls of gleaming white calcite. One side of the aven is like a carved temple wall, whilst on the others there are ribs of calcite which run for the height of the wall. There is plenty of colour in the formations which are all of course very active. Two pools in the floor reflect the beauty of this grotto. Elsewhere is covered in calcite..." (R G Coe CPCJ 2/1 1955 pp14-15)




Dowber Gill Passage is a great place if you like lots of water sloshing around your ears: Patrick in the water.


January 15 2006


Right: start of the fourth duck





Left : middle of the fourth duck


Right; end of the fourth duck


May 3 2004

Left: Some Chamber

Right: 800 Yards Chamber

Above: Andy Cole and Sweeney going up


Left: The Bridge as seen by Dennis Brindle in 1955


Right: The Bridge as seen by
Simon Beck in 2016


Andy Cole and Patrick Warren in Gypsum Traverse.
There is clearly a displacement of the beds of approx 0.5m down to the right of the picture (west) thus implying that the Dowber Gill Passage is formed along a geological fault.
January 15 2006


Andy Cole steps up to have a look into the Hidden Corner,
close to Stalagmite Corner, where a rarely seen treasure chest of of
straws and stalactites sits high up in the roof.
May 29 2009

The diminutive triangular opening at
Stalagmite Corner that releases one
from the perils of the Dowber Gill
Passage. (May 29 2005)


The start of Dowber Gill Passage:
full steam head for Dow Cave.
(May 29 2005)

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