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The Threshfield - Skyrethorns area: November 16, 2014. This is an area with a high concentration of Silurians, principally in the wall stones. The images below reflect a small proportion of these.


Above: the field walls around Threshfield abound in Silurians. In the stretches of wall seen above more than 200 images were recorded. Many of these revealed several Silurians in one image. As mentioned earlier, these represent only those readily accessible from field paths and roadside locations.

Left: in the centre of Threshfield village there are numerous Silurians to be seen from the roadside. Click on this image to see that the actual location is close to the village hall. Use backspace key to return.

Right: similarly, as may be seen from the larger image, this Silurian is right opposite the pub.

  Silurian TS 053                                      Silurian TS 063                                 Silurian TS 067                                  Silurian TS069

  Silurian TS 084                                      Silurian TS 093                                 Silurian TS 132                                  Silurian TS 141

   Silurian TS 173                                     Silurian TS 176                                 Silurian TS200                                    Silurian TS 220


Left and right: in this location two very large Silurian erratics have a one time been built into the footings of a field wall. The growth of large ash trees has resulted in breakdown of the dry stone wall and frost action has contributed to the breakdown of the erratics.

                   Silurian TS 212                                                                                                                                               Silurian TS 211                             

   Silurian SkS 03                                    Silurian SkS 04                                 Silurian SkS 05                                    Silurian SkS 06

   Silurian SkS 13                                    Silurian SkS 14                                 Silurian SkS 16                                   Silurian SkS 17

   Silurian SkS 18                                     Silurian SkS 19                                 Silurian SkS 23                                    Silurian SkS 24

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